Frequently-asked Questions

What is a 'semi-private' tour

It's a small group tour (maximum 12 people) that you book on request. It might be just you on the tour. But, unlike a fully-private tour, it is open for other people to join. 

Offering semi-private tours gives you a wider choice of tours on more days of the year (not just the peak days). It also means that solo travellers and couples can have an exclusive small group experience at the fraction of the cost of a fully-private tour.

Can I book a private tour?

Yes. If you are a group of 6 or more, a private tour is usually better value, especially if you invite friends to share the cost (up to 20 people). You also have the flexibility to choose the date and time that suits you. For my main Brighton tours (Only in Brighton, Piers & Queers, Secrets of the Lanes) a private tour is £195. For specialist, bespoke or out-of-Brighton tours the fee may be higher - contact me for a quote.

Click here to enquire about private tours.

How do I meet the guide?

The exact meeting place and my mobile phone number will be provided when you book. I will always be wearing my blue Institute of Tourist Guiding photocard.

How much walking is involved?

Not too much - each tour is about 1.5 miles (2.5km) long, no hills. We may choose to take some steps, but only if that is OK with everyone. If you have some difficulty walking we won't walk very fast, and there are benches in some places. A quick word with me at the begininng of the tour will help me take you into consideration or email me.


Is it suitable for children?

Children are welcome.

Piers and Queers contains adult (but not explicit) themes, which are appropriately contextualised.

If you have a school group, I can create a private tour tailored to the age a needs of the group.

What if it's raining?

I won't cancel a tour because of the weather.

Despite the UK's reputation, most of the time it doesn't rain: Brighton's annual rainfall is 800mm, the same as Rome and a lot less than New York (1200mm). 40% of daylight hours are sunny (this stretch of coast has more sunshine than anywhere else on mainland Britain). Heavy rain for the duration of a tour is actually very rare.

What you should expect are short light showers - at any time of year and even if the forecast doesn't say so. And wind. So please bring something waterproof, and suitable for being on a British beach. If we are caught in an unexpected shower, I will do my best to stop in sheltered places, but you are responsible for dressing according to the climate.


Can I turn up without booking?

All tours must be booked in advance.


English isn't my first language - will I enjoy the tours?

Although the tours are only in English, I was previously an English language teacher and am used to adapting my tours to the knowledge of the audience. Many people have told me that they understand my English more easily than most other English-speakers. The tours are also very visual, so you should enjoy yourself even if you don't understand all my jokes!


Are there refreshments and toilets?

Refreshments are not included, but there are many cafes and shops nearby. 


Can I bring my dog?

Yes. Bear in mind there is more stopping than walking, so it's not like a normal walk from a dog's point of view, so please only bring your dog if they are happy to wait patiently at each stop.


Is it wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the routes are step-free. The pavements in Brighton, however, can get rather narrow, uneven and crowded. If you have any questions email me


Do you do virtual tours?

Yes, I can do any of the tours as a Zoom presentation with images. Contact me for details.

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