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 'It's an easy recommend for tourists and locals alike' -   Broadway Baby


‘This was funny, entertaining and well-informed. What’s Brighton famous for? Lots. This tour is the ideal way to find out' - Latest 7


'...delivered with a charming and often amusing reverence to the city' - Expedia


''reveals how Brighton is not your typical city' -  Reviews Hub


'I thought I knew everything there was to know about Brighton. How wrong I was. Ric served up an entertaining and fact-filled tour covering the less obvious but still profound themes that make Brighton great.' - David Bramwell, author of Cheeky Guide to Brighton


'...a celebration of the odd, bizarre and downright naughty....blatant passion for the city and fascination for the peculiar' - G Scene

Customer reviews

Only in Brighton tour guide Ric Morris showed comedian Russell Kane around Brighton while recording the BBC Radio 2 show 'Russell Kane's Whistle Stop Tour of the Seaside'


Ric will make you fall in love with Brighton all over again!


It was BRILLIANT!!....humorous, factual and interesting information throughout the whole tour.


Great fun tour led by an impressive expert. Nice to find out about the alternative aspects of this city I love.


I loved finding out about intriguing people, places, stories and fun and sometimes bizarre facts and about the city.


This is such a great tour! It was funny, interesting, and showed the best (and most peculiar) of such a fascinating city. 


Ric speaks in a perfect diction, which makes the visit really easy to understand for non English natives.


Enjoyable walk with knowledgeable guide. Showed why people come to Brighton for a day and sometimes stay a lifetime.


Full of great facts, interesting and funny....presented by someone with a real passion for this beautiful little among the facts and jokes there were actually some lovely and poignant moments as the guides love for the place came through.The tour was fantastic. It was quirky and fun and informative.


A good mixture of interesting tidbits, local history and dry humour, it really reflected the unique and sometimes weird character of Brighton.


Pitching to veteran Brighton residents and visitors alike… Ric managed it with good humour and off-beat information.


The sun was out, the stories flowed. Every city should have a tour like this!


Ric was an amazing guide and brought Brighton to life...he managed to create a storyline which pulled together the history of the city and its people right up to the present day, illustrated with funny stories, and photos.


My eyes were opened to places I didn't know were there. Ric is funny, interesting and obviously loves this city for the fascinating and often eccentric place it is. A great way to spend an evening (and plenty of time to go for a drink afterwards). Highly recommend!


A very well balanced - off the beaten track - tour. Ric is a charming, funny guide with a big love for his city. He made us understand Brighton and I want to thank him for that. A must do.


Fun and informative, even for those of us who have lived here for more than 20 years. And supports the belief that Brighton has always been just a little bit bonkers!


It would be impossible to read all the books to find out all the numerous facts and statistics that Ric tells in a captivating fashion.


It's the second time I heard the word 'liminal' used in two weeks.

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